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I have been doing genealogical research for a number of years and have found many ancestors. How many generations I have reached back varies greatly from branch to branch.

Many factors come into play, such as, are we talking about Danish ancestry or ancestry from abroad? Are we talking about farmers or e.g. nobility, clergy, landowners or other more well-to-do individuals?

Also an element such as whether the church records have been preserved comes into play, and also that not all sources are equally readable.
I have decided that I will not immediately go back more than a maximum of 15 generations, as the sources become more and more imprecise the further back you go. It is sometimes a challenge to get a complete handle on the facts, and sometimes you can getting off a wrong track, which can sometimes be difficult to detect, and then it's about getting back on solid ground and starting over. Something I have become aware of in this connection is that you should not uncritically take other people's research for good products. It can look very credible at first, and then turn out not to hold.

you can have a look at my ancestors by pressing til link below It goes to my site on Myheritage
If you are not a member, you can only see the persons who are not living anymore.
My tree goes for a few back as fare as the 1400 years-
On my site you also can take a look at PERSON INDEX, which is a list of my ancestors, their wives and children.
in the folder KÜPPER the focus is on my surname, where does it come from and what do I know about my direct ancestors with the name Küpper?