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Overlay billede hentet via WXto Img

I've had a lot of fun downloading images via the NOOA satellites whizzing around over our heads.

They operate on the frequencies around 137 MHz, and thus within an area many all-mode VHF stations can operate.

For my use, I use the programs SATPC32 and WXtoImg.

SATPC32 is actually intended to be able to control the rotator vertically and horizontally, but I only use the part of the program that controls the doubling effect. As an antenna I use a home-built Quadrifilar Helix Antenna. It does not take up much space and should not follow the orbit of the satellite.

WXtoImg is the program that converts the signals from the NOOA satellites into an image as shown above.

The whole trouble as to which satellite is to be received, frequency and time is determined by a Kepler file which is in both programs and which is to be updated at regular intervals.

My quadrifilare helix antenna



Links to the construction f the antenna;








Som en sidegevinst, kan SATPC32 også bruges, hvis man skulle have lyst til at køre satellit trafik over amatørsatelliterne, eller følge ISS. Det er selvfølgelig ikke optimalt med en helix antenne, men kan dog gå.