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My rotator is, as it can be seen a YASEU G-5400B, of which I only use the azimuth part. I have tried with also the elevation part for a X bom yagi, but I got a little tired of it, as I did not use the elevation part enough,

In order to be able to control the rotator via my PC, I have made the small box that is on top of the control box according to diagram and sketch from K3NG. As it stands, it is for azimuth use only, but the program itself contains both options, so it will thus only be a matter of adapting the program so that you have both options.

The program itself, with the various modules, has a myriad of facilities that can be selected. These I have bypassed them, as I alone have wished to be able to control my rotator for the use I have.



The codes to the controller is found below